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Leave between 9.30 and 10.30.

Must have good walking shoes ,loads of suncream + water.Drive up mountain is approx 45 min, wıth a 1 ½ hr trek along a river bed. Make sure you stop every once in a while + take in the view.The surrounding gorge is breathtaking.When you get to the springs we went in boots + all.After getting so hot on the walk the water is so refreshing!! We arrived eventually at a channel which is about 1 ½ metres wide + extremely fast flowing with the coldest water I’ve ever experienced.It takes your breath away it’s so cold.Very invigorating!After the channel we went to a restaurant called ‘’Yuvarlakçay’’which is on wooden platforms over the river.They serve awesome baked trout+lamb also.Apple tea +a rest in the Turkish lounge outsite,under the trees,listening to the birds singing + river flowing.It’s as close to heaven as I’ve been in a long while.

All in all a fab day which leaves you pleasantly tired + just hungry enough to fit in some ice-cream on the way home! I personally can always fit in the ice-cream. It really is magic.........

Jenny Peardon-Melb Aust.

images from trekking images from trekking
images from trekking images from trekking